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Research Project ET002

The Relationship of Religion to Alcohol Consumption

Sponsor: School of Experimental Theology

Aim: To determine if alcohol consumption leads to seeing god Funding Source:

  • Researcher is providing own funding.


The researcher, Nick McVernon, has observed that those who consume sufficient alcohol, invariably proceed to lean over a toilet bowl and exclaim "Oh God! Oh God!"

The researcher proposes to visit all of the pubs in the South-East of England and personally test a full range of ales, stouts, porters, and lagers to determine:

  • whether sufficient alcohol will cause him to see god;
  • which variety of beer is most effective in bringing on visions of a deity;
  • which particular brand is most effective;
  • whether location has an impact.

Dependent on identification of further funding, the study may be extended to all of England, and then to the rest of the UK.

Research assistants are welcome in this endeavour, provided, of course, they have full funding and are prepared to buy the occasional round for the head researcher.

yet another pub

another public house

a pulic house

A sample of the proposed research facilities