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Note: Free degrees offered through this program are offered only to those who have not already received degrees through membership or ordination in the Church of Apathetic Agnostic.

Please take note:

  • Issue of Bachelor of Adequacy degrees has ended.

Bachelor of Adequacy

For those seeking certification of being "good enough."

  1. - You must apply;
  2. - You must respect the restrictions against multiple applications;
  3. - You must certify that you are just about good enough;
  4. - You must correctly answer the four Yes / No questions on the application.

Date of Issue

All degrees will be dated as of the June Convocation of the past completed academic year.

Multiple Application Policy

Multiple applications will be deleted unactioned. This includes:

  1. - Applications from those who have already received a free degree or ordination from us;
  2. - Applications when a separate application for membership is submitted to the Church of Apathetic Agnostic;
  3. - Applications when a separate application for ordination is submitted to the Church of Apathetic Agnostic;
  4. - Applications when a separate application for ordination is submitted to the Worldwide Church of Agnostics.

We do recognize that, given time, some recipients of a free degree may come to see the truth of the doctrines of Apathetic Agnosticism. The Church will consider applications for membership or ordination submitted no earlier than two weeks after an Adequacy Degree Application has been issued.

Email Delivery

  1. This degree is issued free of charge to qualified applicants by email in jpg format.
  2. We only issue degrees via email. Please do not request alternate delivery methods, that would cause us to ignore your application.

To obtain your free Bachelor of Adequacy Degree:

  1. - please make sure you have read and understood the instructions above, particularly with respect to multiple application policy;
  2. - then if you wish to proceed, please fill in the Application Form;
  3. - if your application passes initial review, we will contact you at the email address you provided to confirm you indeed wished to apply;
  4. - if you reply to that message within 7 days, we will issue the degree, otherwise we will delete the application.

Sorry, no longer available


(The University considered continuing to offer these degrees in return for a token non-tax deductable donation of just one Bitcoin. But we chose not to.)


* All Degrees are granted by the International University of Nescience, the educational arm of The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic. The University is a totally unaccredited institution, and advises applicants that its degrees may not receive the full recognition they deserve from third parties.  The University stands behind its free emailed degrees with the claim that they are worth at least the paper they are printed on. The University wishes you good luck in using its free degrees on resumes and job applications. Do not expect the University to respond to requests for transcripts of marks from prospective employers.

Our Degrees
(approx 1/10 size)

Master of Basic Agnosticism Degree
Our Master of Basic Agnosticism (MBA) degree - available with ordination from the Apathetic Agnostic Church

Bachelor of Adequacy Degree
Our exclusive Bachelor of Adequacy degree, available on this site